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Transformational Healing, Coaching & Mentoring

My Soulful Role is to guide Women to heal, transform, and change their lives through powerful Sacred embodiment practices, transformational coaching, laser focused, mentoring, and potent energy healing.

Kaya Slater is a Transformational Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Mentor who serves humanity through a range of powerful modalities designed to tap into the integration of the mind body and spirit. Kaya is an accomplished Senior Yoga and Meditation teacher and Teacher Trainer, teaching yoga at Diploma Level, with 25 years industry experience.

She combines a transformative umbrella of holistic healing and coaching services to bring about peace, balance and harmony to the mind, emotional body and spirit, allowing those she works with to find freedom, vitality and wellness once more and a deep sense of connecting to their truth. Her soul mission is to awaken those she works with to their true soul potential and calling and aims to bring her clients into their highest frequencies and into their highest timelines through her work.

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Need guidance and motivation to take back control of your life, to start thriving?
GET READY to transform your life for good with my transformational workshops.
These workshops are designed to get you Thriving, Successful, Abundant, and Confident.

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Coaching and mentorship

Coaching and mentoring Programs with Kaya

Are you looking to transform and heal your life for good? Kaya has the ideal signature program to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to embark on a personal transformational healing journey, or a professional one, Kaya has you covered. Inquire here about the following offerings:

The Path to Life Program
The Soul Ascension Mastermind
The Confident Embodied Yoga Teachers Program
The Healing Program
Soul Ascension Private Sessions

nourish & awaken

retreats, workshops and Women’s circles

What’s on offer:

↠ Powerful and potent one day workshops, various Holistic Health Themes, held throughout the year.
↠ Life changing and transformational Yoga, Meditation and Wellness Residential Retreats.

Kaya’s workshops and retreats are run through-out the year. To be kept in the loop so you don’t miss out on the next one, be sure to sign up to her Inner Journey newsletter.

Explore upcoming retreats and workshops →

↠ Temple of Women – Sacred Circles for Women
↠ Monthly Temple of Woman event held at at Fig Tree Yoga

Next Temple of Woman : Sunday 24th of September @ 3:30 to 6:30 pm – Book Now →

training and attunemnet

Reiki training

Comprehensive Level 1, 2 and Master Level Reiki Trainings are held throughout the year. Reach out to inquire.

Reiki Level One Training begins 10 September 2023.

what’s on with kaya


What’s on offer:

↠ Monthly Temple of Woman event held at at Fig Tree Yoga

There is nothing more powerful and potent than Women gathering together in Sacred Circle, to share, to heal, to grow, to transform, to meditate, to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine, and to share spare with other Women to be held and supported without judgement/

Next Temple of Woman : Sunday 24th of September @ 3:30 to 6:30 pm – Book Now →

My soul purpose is to meet you on your healing journey and empower you to take back control of your health and wellbeing.

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One-on-one sessions

Kaya offers private yoga and meditation sessions, mentoring programs and distant coaching.

Energy Healing

Explore energy healing with Kaya through Reiki + Guided healing, Massage and Bodywork.

client love

‘In a circle with Kaya, expect to be HELD, SEEN and KNOWN. Kaya is simply the most attentive Teacher, Facilitator, Coach and Mentor I have ever known. Kaya has a pure gift when it comes to facilitating Women, her level of knowledge, experience, expertise and wisdom is profound and she radiates compassion in all that she offers. The way she holds space in circle is like no other, and I have experienced many! It is clear she is born for this Sacred work and has been in this service for lifetimes, I am so grateful I found Kaya and 12 years later I still work with her as often as I can!’


Coming out of an online 200 hour yoga teacher program I knew that I needed more training in yoga to become the teacher I wanted to be. I began by perusing through some of the local yoga Facebook pages and found Kayas post calling any teachers looking for some guidance and I jumped at it. We had a conversation and I knew that she could provide the guidance I felt  I needed. The confident, embodied yoga teacher program gave me a container of other teachers who felt they needed similar guidance but were all at different stages in our teaching careers. Me being completely fresh to the yoga world, it opened me up to a varied group of skilled yogis that I could ask any questions, learn from and support me. The group aspect was amazing as we all supported and shared our experiences with each other. Kaya provided a beautiful yoga class every Tuesday morning and a meditation/yoga business call in the Thursday evenings giving us the tools to create our own successful yoga businesses. Everyone was also gifted a halfhour one on one call focused on our individual needs and would point us in the direction we needed to keep moving forward. She challenged us with facing our fears and blockages and helped us move through them. She provided a safe space to express our thoughts, feelings and experiences without judgement. Being in this program I gained an immense amount of yogic knowledge that I did not get from my original course. To any teachers struggling or feeling stuck in their business or just want to gain more knowledge of yoga philosophy/teachings I would 100% recommend Kaya Slater to help guide you as she has been an angel to the whole group of us throughout the 4 month program.


Deep , profound , exciting , life changing are just a few of the words I will use to describe Kaya’s embodied teacher mentorship. Yet the experience of working with Kaya over the last four months cannot be simply expressed with a few words .
She takes you on a journey deep within.
For Kaya embodiment is not a catch phrase. She lives and breathes yoga and she shares this wisdom from her heart.
My practice and teaching  has gone through a metamorphosis.
And I am so grateful I gifted myself the opportunity to work with Kaya.


Kaya is a treasure trove of knowledge and a powerhouse of energy and motivation. I learned so much from working with her and highly recommend her as a mentor.

During the mentoring program, we dove into the aspects of the subtle body and yogic philosophy in ways that have strengthened my teaching, my personal practice, and my spiritual journey. She built community among our cohort, and the program was an exciting opportunity to learn from incredible new friends as well.

Above all else, Kaya’s connection to her intuition is what inspires me most. Leading always by example, Kaya guides you to connect with your own intuition as you make decisions about what’s right for you and find your voice as a yoga teacher. The practices (meditation, breath work, movement, reflection) that Kaya facilitated helped me hear so clearly what’s always been there: my own voice.
I am certain she will help you find yours too.

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New book out now


“The Path to Life” isn’t just another self-help book. It’s an invitation. A beckoning to unlock your innate potential, discover your soul’s calling, and tread a transformative journey of self-discovery. Every page is a leap towards vitality, well-being, and your ultimate truth.

Your journey towards optimum wellness starts here. Ready to unveil your path to life? Dive in!