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Transformation Healing, Coaching and Mentoring


The Confident Embodied Yoga Teacher Mentoring program

with kaya

The confident Embodied Yoga Teacher Mentoring Program

with kaya

A Transformational 4 month coaching and mentorship program for yoga teachers who are ready to thrive.

Welcome amazing Yoga Teachers, I’m so excited that you are here!! 

Are you DONE with the hustle and the struggle involved with getting yourself out into the world as a Thriving, Successful, Abundant, Confident and Embodied Yoga Teacher?  Are you ready to connect to your service as a Powerful, Potent and Incredible Yoga Teacher with ease grace and joy?

Perhaps you are here as you are new to teaching yoga, perhaps you are looking to EXPAND your current offerings, or maybe you are new to making Yoga your full time service and you are really ready to make a go of it and create a thriving yoga business that fills your heart with joy!  You are also ready to EARN the MONEY you rightly deserve for the amazing work that you do for the collective and all of the individuals you share your magic with?

Energetically, even if you don’t know it yet, its likely you are here because your SOUL is calling out to you to reclaim your DIVINE ENERGY and to step into your true power, potential and potency as a CONFIDENT, EMBODIED YOGA TEACHER. Your SOUL knows the ONLY way forward is for you to share your magic with the world through the vessel of Yoga and to begin attracting your ideal soulmate clients to YOU effortlessly and magnetically. You may or may not yet be aware of the light you ALREADY bring into this world and your SOUL is calling out for you to AMPLIFY your light MASSIVELY and begin sharing it with others without delay.

You KNOW that teaching and sharing Yoga in YOUR way is the magic you are here to offer and you are ready to BRING IT!! You are ready to join the tribe of Yoga professionals who KNOW their worth and you are ready to claim your divine birthright to abundance and flow in your heart-felt soul aligned service to humanity… YOGA!

You are ready to let go of any old stories and old wiring that tells you you CANNOT do it and you are ready to SAY YES to your Yoga Universe and create that THRIVING YOGA BUSINESS once and for all.

You realise that being the best Yoga Teacher you can possibly be is ABSOLUTELY essential to excel in your industry and are ready to up skill as MUCH as POSSIBLE so that it’s inevitable that you will offer POWERFUL, TRANSFORMATIONAL and LIFE CHANGING Yoga to those you serve.

Let me tell you I am SO glad you are here, and THANK you universe for bringing us together, as I am literally BURSTING with gratitude and excitement at the opportunity of facilitating you in creating the THRIVING, ABUNDANT, HEART-ALIGNED and deeply Soulful Yoga Business of Your dreams.

I will also add here, this is what I am born to do, I am BORN to Coach and Mentor Yoga Teachers in Yoga and in Yoga Business and I am SO GOOD AT IT, it is most definitely a superpower of mine!! Having successfully facilitated hundreds of Yoga Professionals to step into their power as Yoga Teachers and to realise what they are here to do and to get their AWESOME Yoga Businesses THRIVING!

Why am I so passionate about this work?

I began mentoring Yoga Teachers professionally over 16 years ago now. It happened very naturally and organically. From the beginning of my Yoga Teaching career ( now 25 years wow!!) I KNEW it was my hearts calling to teach Yoga and to train and mentor Yoga Teachers in the industry. I saw SO many Yoga Teachers struggling, struggling to survive financially, struggling to promote themselves affectively, struggling to get ahead, to be seen, to be heard, and it SIMPLY BROKE MY HEART…. I knew it was part of my journey to teach Yoga Teachers that there is a way, there is a way to follow your heart into your Yoga Business and to THRIVE, whilst still remaining authentic, ethical and aligned, especially to the principles of Yoga.

In the early days I held a very clear vision on the success of my Yoga Business and no matter what anyone told me, (and believe me there were many whom told me I needed a proper job along the way.. lol)
I held true to my vision and applied continuous dedication, devotion, discipline and a whole pile of LOVE into my business and let me tell you WOW how I have flourished. If I can do it, SO CAN YOU!!

I have ALWAYS been successful as a Yoga Teacher and Mentor from day one in my very early 20’s. The day I arrived back home to Dubai from India after an extensive Yoga teacher Training in Mysore I began promoting my Private Yoga Classes and picked up clients IMMEDIATELY, I didn’t listen to anyone else’s negative opinions about not being able to survive solely as a Yoga Teacher.

I KNEW this was untrue as I was TOTALLY clear what my journey here in this life was to do. It was and IS STILL to facilitate others, leading them closer to the light, through the vessel of Yoga and Meditation. I held onto my vision and CREATED the abundant Yoga life and business I wanted. I did this by staying true to ME and KNOWING with absolute certainty what I was here to do.

I the last 25 years I have owned Yoga Studios, worked with HUNDREDS of private clients, taught Yoga to athletes and football teams, ran MANY MANY retreats world over, taught HUNDREDS of workshops, ran MANY teacher trainings, guest taught on teacher trainings worldwide, taught/trained in Yoga and Cert IV and Diploma Level, taught Yoga at MANY awesome festivals in many awesome parts of the world, privately mentored HUNDREDS of Yoga Teachers and taken SO MANY happy Yoga Teachers through my group mentoring program. I am literally living the Yoga Life Dream, and the best part, I do it ethically, authentically, lovingly and from my heart ALWAYS.

We do SO much more than our society would have us believe, we are light-bringers whom are here to be part of collectively shifting the consciousness of the whole of the human race…. We are here to heal ourselves, facilitate others to heal and ultimately heal the planet. Yoga provides such a potent foundation for living a Holistic, happy, healthy purposeful life, we simply HAVE to share it!!

Program Overview

So what is the Confident Embodied Yoga Teachers Mentoring Program all about?

This LIFE changing Program for Yoga Teachers is a comprehensive 4 month mentoring and coaching program to SHIFT you into the next gear and give you all the tools, support and wisdom you require to not only up-skill as much as possible as Yoga Teacher, but also HOW to get your business going and THRIVING. You will be MET where you are at, wherever that is and guided EXPERTLY by me along the way. This program is going to be a GAME CHANGER for you let me tell you…. I promise you!!

The Confident Embodied Yoga Teachers 4 Month Program is SO powerful in connecting you with the TRUE YOGA TEACHER within and getting you where you want to be in your Yoga Teaching Journey.

We cover SO much individually in your powerful laser focused one-on-one sessions where we will address your specific concerns and blocks within the realm of teaching Yoga which of course varies from person to person, we also collectively cover areas such as :

↠ How to overcome fears and self doubt when teaching, how to KNOW you are amazing and have lots to offer.

↠ How to monetise your services appropriately so you EARN the money you deserve for what you do.

↠ How to package up and design your offerings such as retreats, programs, courses, workshops etc for SUCCESS.

↠ How to gain clarity and coherance and get CRYSTAL clear ob what it is you want to offer/share.

↠ How to be motivated and inspired and how to motivate and inspire others with Yoga.

↠ How to create exciting and aligned Yoga classes every time.

↠ How to create yoga classes your students LOVE every time.

↠ How to cultivate a healthy mental body and healthy mind patterns about your yoga teaching and about earning money as a Yoga Teacher.

↠ How to connect to your superconscious self and release all fears, money blocks, fear, scarcity and self sabotage.

↠ How to grow, nurture and build your following as a Yoga Teacher.

↠ How to shift from surviving to thriving in Your yoga business.

↠ How to magnetically attract your ideal soulmate Clients to you.

↠ How to promote yourself appropriately and effectively.

↠ How to up-level your current offerings and work SMART.

Yoga Teachers
Are you ready to thrive?

About the program

We will up-skill and train in all things Yoga Subtle Body, Yoga Philosophy and Practical Physical Yoga, and get your up to speed with all things Pranayama and Meditation giving you an EPIC tool kit of POTENT Yogic Techniques to fuel your fire and the fire of those you serve.

You will learn HOW to run a Yoga Business that aligns with HOW you want to serve the collective, I will guide you and support you fully through this transformational journey.

Its difficult to put into words HOW MUCH you will receive when you say YES to this program but trust me, I KNOW you will be blown away by all you receive and all you learn. Get ready to sky rocket your Yoga Practice and your Yoga Business, get ready to THRIVE!

What’s included

↠ One fortnightly laser focused 1-1 coaching and mentoring session JUST for you, INVALUABLE and life affirming!! This is where the magic happens!! Her we focus on exactly what YOU want to do and get clear on HOW to do it!

↠ A facebook group to communicate and share in with a like minded group of awesome individuals all on the same journey (believe me this is where friendships are made)

↠ One weekly online Yoga ‘ Focus of the week’ Class ( live if you can recording if not. Prepare to LEARN, so much juiciness right here)

↠ One weekly group Live Group Coaching Transmission. Here we GO DEEP! We study, we learn, we play, we explore transformation energy work and meditation to align us to our highest timeline, we connect, PURE MAGIC right here.

↠ Access to me ANYTIME – I am HERE …Messenger access and Im super attentive I promise.

↠ 4 months undivided attention and ME in your corner the whole way through AS WELL as the support of your fellow team mates.

↠ You will also receive HOMEPLAY – which includes specific meditations, yoga practice, reading, journaling, reflections, chakra focused practices and rituals along the way!

This program is about

SHIFTING YOUR CURRENT FREQUENCY and raising your vibration as a Yoga Teacher, and YOU connecting to your divine birthright of financial freedom, flow and yes, FUN!! and why, BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!!


How much do you WANT Yoga to be your business?

How much do you WANT to teach from your heart and change the lives of those you work with?

How much do you want to make a living doing what you LOVE?

How much do you WANT to heal the planet with the work you do and CONSCIOUSLY lead others toward the light and towards being happier, healthier, more whole, and more heartily versions of themselves? If it’s a YES I WANT THIS, then LETS DO IT!!

When is the next program?

There are normally two or three opportunities to enrol each year. Please enquire for the next possible date you can start.


The next Step is to book a call with me ASAP so we can chat and get you bursting with excitement about the journey ahead, and if you have already had your discovery call just DM me and let’s talk about your investment/payment options.