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Transformation Healing, Coaching and Mentoring


the soul Ascension mastermind

with kaya

the soul Ascension mastermind

with kaya

An advanced 7 month, 7 Pillar Mastermind for Heart- Led Light Beings, and Starseed Soul- Preneurs who are ready to activate their magic and potency into the highest potential frequencies, to share their true light message with the world, and to create maximum collective impact and fulfill their legacy.


Experience a highly transformative 7-month Mastermind designed to enrich and amplify your light and activate all levels of your personal power.

Unlock Your Soul’s True Potential, Join the ‘Soul Ascension Mastermind’.

I invite you to join me and a powerhouse like- minded group of EXTRAORDINARY humans on a SUPERCHARGED Journey that will change your life forever. Are you ready to truly awaken to YOUR TRUE SENSE OF POWER? To embark on a path of profound GROWTH, AWAKENING and SELF DISCOVERY, and to enter into the unearthing of your UNTAPPED POTENTIAL? Well, settle in, and let me guide you….

This 7 Month Mastermind will serve you PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY and SPIRITUALLY and will actively focus on ALL layers of your Human Existence and ALL Areas of your life.

As we speak, the world is in the midst of a MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION as we step into the Age of the Divine Sacred Feminine, we are called to come back to our True Sense of Self, to our True Nature. To come back to our DIVINITY, to our SOVEREIGNTY. As a result of this great shift, more people are moving towards a VIBRATIONAL WAY OF LIVING, no longer merely reacting but actively attuning to ENERGY and VIBRATION in all realms and layers of their lives, we are all being invited to Re-Awaken.

Professionally – Amidst this AWAKENING, you may be struggling with how to DISCOVER YOUR TRUE PURPOSE in this newly blossomed world, or how to reach more Divine Souls with your current Sacred Message and create more positive impact. Perhaps you have recognised it is the time to embrace your purpose wholeheartedly, to step boldly into the VAST POTENTIAL that lies before you. Your current business venture, the way your business is running, the way you carry yourself in your service,your profession or career may no longer align with your elevated vibration and true self, leaving you uncertain about what to do next or how to do it. The desire to AMPLIFY your VISIBILITY AND MONETIZE your passion may be driving you to be a lightworker or high-vibe entrepreneur. You may have a strong desire to learn how to navigate your current professional life and career with more LIGHT, and to be in SOUL-ALIGNMENT in your field. You may adore what you do now, but wish to seamlessly integrate your ENERGETIC PRACTICES into your work, but are unsure how to start.

Personally – You may be experiencing energetic blocks, barriers and disturbances that are preventing you from living the life you truly deserve to live. Whether we hold trauma from this life, trauma from past lives, trauma we have inherited, ancestral trauma, you can pretty much guarantee, as humans will WILL at some time/s in our lives be BLOCKED and STUCK from TRAUMA that is stopping our energy from flowing effectively. Our mental limitations will also keep us STUCK and STAGNANT… feeling like you are unable to move forward in all or some areas of your life…

It is OUR responsibility as ELEVATED HUMANS to become conduits for the FREE FLOW OF ENERGY to thrive and harmonise with the universe’s rhythms. Embracing YOUR SOUL’S POTENTIAL necessitates REMOVING ALL OBSTACLES, BARRIERS, and Limitations hindering our progress. Your actions must be guided by the WISDOM OF SOULS, attuned to the whispers of your spirit.

This transformative journey requires you to release the old, EMBRACE THE NEW, elevate your VIBRATION, and invest the necessary effort to enter your heart space. You will be able to unlock your INHERENT MAGNETISM and bring the positive to life in all that you do and all that you offer. This is where my offering, The Soul Ascension Mastermind, emerges.

Joining The Soul Ascension Mastermind Program is an exclusive INVITE ONLY opportunity for those who have the PASSION AND DETERMINATION and DESIRE required to pursue their dreams to the fullest. Whether you want to make a PROFOUND DIFFERENCE in the world, HEAL YOURSELF DEEPLY , connect with your LIFE-CHANGING SOUL WORK and truly OWN IT and share it with the world, or simply to ACTIVATE YOUR TRUE SELF on all levels, this high level , light-rich Mastermind is ready for you.

Meticulously designed, Cosmically Sourced and Spiritually guided, this Mastermind aims to REVOLUTIONISE your life journey and transform it. Prepare for an astonishing metamorphosis as you expand your knowledge, deepen your embodiment, embody so much more light, and radiate your powerful energetic presence out into this world 1000 fold. Through this Mastermind, you will have the opportunity to evolve into the most magnetic, radiant, energised and Light-Filled POWERHOUSE VERSION of yourself that you could possibly be.

Are you prepared to Ascend with me? Apply for the ‘ Soul Ascension Mastermind’ now.

About the Program

↠ This incredible 7-month, 7-pillar MASTERMIND is the ultimate Journey of Self- Transformation, multidimensional healing and Spiritual Growth. This is a truly special experience crafted specifically for Soulful Starseed LEADERS in ALL Professionals and in ALL Walks of Life, JUST LIKE YOU, who are ready to unleash their POWER, tap into their potency, and fulfil their soul’s LEGACY like never before.

↠ This Mastermind is a life-changing experience that focuses on the activation of THE VITAL PILLARS OF HUMAN EXISTENCE, and the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE within your being, you will TRULY EMBODY THEM through Transformative Channelled Light Code Activations alongside ANCIENT YOGA teachings, The WISDOM of ANCIENT SCRIPTURE and MANTRA practices, and Soulful Mentoring and Coaching to skyrocket your collective impact and your light. It is designed to REVOLUTIONISE your Earthly- journey and transform LIFE in an abundance of profound ways.

↠ This Mastermind will take you on a journey of SELF-DISCOVERY, deepening your embodiment, knowledge and Sacred Wisdom, and elevating your energetics to the stars and back . Prepare to witness a remarkable EVOLUTION within yourself as you become the most RADIANT, light-rich, and HIGHLY ENERGISED version of yourself possible.

↠ This Mastermind promises you the opportunity to receive invaluable INSIGHTS, TOOLS, and guidance to propel you to new heights of SUCCESS and IMPACT. Your monthly Quantum Upgrade Channelled Activations and Meditations will enable you to tap into higher frequencies of CONSCIOUSNESS and to transcend the earthly human limitations we face in this plane of existence.

This is your opportunity to step into your leadership, amplify your presence, release your fears and to step into your true innate personal power.

Unlock your Soul’s
True Potential…

What to Expect?

↠ You will receive – An Initial SOUL ASCENSION Welcome Session – where we meditate POWERFULLY together and get CLEAR on all our intentions together moving forward, we will brainstorm, get creative and CRYSTAL CLEAR on your focus and objectives.

↠ You will receive a personalised recorded Quantum Vision Meditation to practice/listen to daily ( to be edited if and when required program duration depending)

↠ You will receive laser focused fortnightly 50 mins one on one Live online Zoom Sessions with me so we can ACCELERATE your journey/ life/ business and your spiritual growth in alignment with your uniqueness and embrace YOUR journey unconditionally along the way, you will receive the recordings also to reflect upon, we can work on ANYTHING you like towards the growth of your business and or your Journey, we have SO MUCH flexibility within these sessions to focus on specifically what aligns for you.

↠ You will receive MASTERMIND Online Coaching Transmissions Fortnightly – They will be a combination of 7 PowerFul Energetic Quantum Upgrades received as Channelled Activations, Meditation Transmissions to connect your system to new light codes for Embodying The Laws of The Universe and the QuantumHuman Pillars of existence that allow you to fully expand into your full potential and true multidimensional nature, as well as Masterclasses that focus on Advanced Ancient Scripture,Meditation and Yogic Teachings and How to Embody them, and bring them into your work/ service/ offerings/ life/ therapy and teaching world and to the collective… We will be going deep…💫

↠ You will receive a weekly yoga class online Powerful Masterclasses and Practicals thrown in along the Journey to deepen practice and embodiment

↠ You will receive individualised sadhanas and kriyas as required, to support your spiritual journey.

↠ Expert Wisdom that covers advanced yogic teachings, mantra, meditation, and ancient scriptures and support in embodying these teachers throughout.

↠ You will be a member of our exclusive private Facebook group, providing a supportive and nurturing community environment. This space allows for connection, inspiration, and sharing of insights and experiences with fellow participants, as well as being a platform for all live videos and recordings.

↠ You will be part of a Group of POWERHOUSE HUMAN BEINGS whom shared intention is to Embody more light and to raise their vibration and frequency, and most importantly to SUPPORT one another’s magnificence, magic and uniqueness.

↠ Throughout the mastermind, you will have unlimited SUPPORT from me. You can reach out via messenger or WhatsApp anytime you need assistance, guidance, or a listening ear. I am fully dedicated, committed, and in your corner, providing valuable and priceless support to help you navigate this transformative phase.

Apply for the ‘Soul Ascension Mastermind’ today

to unlock the True Essence of your Soul, to LIVE your Dharma, and unleash your LIMITLESS POWER and POTENCY into Divine Activation. Embody your true Creator-Self and create a Sacred Space for EMPOWERMENT, and SPIRITUAL EXPANSION here on Earth. It’s time to embrace the flow of the Cosmos and fulfill your Sacred Purpose. Embrace your destiny and embark on the path to Soulful Ascension today, and allow me to be your guide on this Inner Journey.

Who is the ‘Soul Ascension Mastermind for?’

Those who are ready to MASSIVELY amplify their ABUNDANCE and ATTRACT more prosperity in life.

Those ready to release and breakthrough their FEARS, LIMITATIONS, and human resistance that holds you back in life.

Those Ready to live the life of their DREAMS.

Those ready to release and breakthrough their FEARS, LIMITATIONS, and human resistance that holds you back in life.

With your talents and purpose, you are ready to embrace your UNIQUE GIFTS.

You are ready to experience the PROSPERITY and SUCCESS you truly deserve.

You are ready to flow with the universe, navigating life with EASE and GRACE.

You want to live a life filled with joy, fulfillment, and abundance, prosperity, peace and Divine flow.

It is your desire to set out on a TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING JOURNEY that will serve your physical, mental and emotional body and connect you to your Soul more deeply than you ever imagined.

You are ready to thrive in all areas of your life, creating a harmonious and balanced existence and you are ready to flow with life with ease and grace.

Your intention is to make a lasting impact on the world by leaving behind a powerful legacy, you WANT to lead others closer to the light, MAGNETICALLY.

You are ready to become a magnet for IDEAL OPPORTUNITIES, effortlessly attracting the experiences and connections that align with your desires.

You are ready to HONOUR AND CARE for yourself deeply, feeling good in your body ALWAYS, learning immense self care and self love.

You are FULLY open to embodying and embracing more LIGHT and radiating good vibes outward and inward.

Your AUTHENTIC TRUE self is ready to shine in the world, inspiring others along the way, all the way.

So, my beautiful friend, sister, brother, the journey awaits, and I’m extending an invitation specifically for you to apply. Are you ready to step into your leadership, SHINE BRILLIANTLY, BOUNTIFULLY and BEAUTIFULLY in this world and create an impact that will be felt far and wide across time and space for eternity?

Let’s make it happen!

If you are feeling called to drop into this body of Sacred Soul – Service, let’s do this!! Reach out and let’s talk Divine one…. I would LOVE to hear from you.