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Transformation Healing, Coaching and Mentoring


Woman Rising Retreat

with kaya

High Vibe Retreat for Soulful Women

Brookfield Queensland

November 29th- December 2nd

registration now open

Woman Rising Retreat

with kaya

High Vibe Retreat for Soulful Women

November 29th- December 2nd

registration now open

Join me for

A High Vibe Retreat for Soulful Women Nestled in the serene beauty of Brookfield, Queensland, the ‘Woman Rising Retreat’ promises a transformative experience for Soulful Women seeking to elevate their vibration and expand their consciousness.

Facilitated by the renowned retreat leader, Kaya Slater, this three-night and four-day retreat is a sanctuary where Women can expect to raise their frequency and vibration, reconnect with their true inner power and embrace the power of the Divine Sacred Feminine within.

A Sanctuary for the Soul- Designed as a Soulful Woman’s dream come true, the retreat offers a nurturing environment where participants can connect with one another and immerse themselves in transformational practices, rituals, and crafts, all designed to switch our frequency into one of Love, Joy and Gratitude, thus raising our frequency into higher vibrations.

The beautiful setting provides a serene backdrop for this journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Ancient Practices, Transformational Meditative Techniques and Sacred Rituals.

Your Guide, Kaya Slater is a Master when it comes to Yoga, Meditation and Facilitating Women in Sacred Circle and on Retreat. She has been serving in this space for 25 years and is a Transformational Empowerment Coach, Senior Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Yoga Mentor, and seasoned Retreat Facilitator with a plethora of skills, training and experience that is vast and hugely expansive.

Kaya has been facilitating huge transformation and spiritual growth in her clients through programs, retreats, trainings and workshops so successfully for so long, that she has it down to a fine art. Her intuitive and skilled capacity to hold space for transformation and for raising vibration is exceptional and powerful.

During the ‘Woman Rising Retreat’, Kaya will draw upon Embodied Ancient Wisdom, Sacred Teachings from all the linaeages she has studied and embodied, Life Changing Self-Devotional practices and Modern day delights designed to guide participants towards a heightened state of awareness and vibrancy. The focus will be on ‘ Raising our Vibration’ and you can expect to be expertly guided through a variety of techniques to encourage a higher frequency of vibration so we can cultivate the energetics required to become magnetic, abundant and prosperous and literally full of LOVE and JOY!

This time together is about connecting to your True Innate Power and Wisdom and becoming ‘ High Vibe’ and deeply ‘ tuned in.

What to Expect

↠ Embodied Exploration of the Divine Sacred Feminine Archetypes

↠ Sacred Ritual and Practice Designed to raise your vibration

↠ Craft and Play

↠ Dance and moving meditation

↠ Ceremony -Mantra/Chanting/Song

↠ Somatic Movement -Pranayama ( healing breathwork)

↠ Kundalini Yoga/Yin and Restorative Yoga

↠ Nutritional delights and delicious food will nourish the body and soul, supporting the journey towards vibrant well-being

↠ Sacred Connection and Circle

↠ Silence, Deep Listening and Stillness

Throughout the retreat, participants will have the opportunity to chant sacred mantras, to dance on the earth and to honour the land and the ancient traditions that have shaped our understanding of the sacred feminine.

These practices will help raise our vibration and expand the capacity for joy, allowing each woman to become a magnetic, high-vibe being who effortlessly attracts abundance and manifests her desires.

The “Woman Rising” Retreat is a transformative journey that invites Women to step away from the demands of daily life and reconnect with their hearts and souls. By embracing ancient wisdom and sacred practice, participants will emerge with a renewed sense of purpose, empowerment, and vibrancy, ready to shine their light upon the world.

About this Retreat


A Stunning Private Location in Brookfield, ITS AMAZING, Spa included


Nov 29th- Dec 2nd, 3 nights, 4 days

Your investment:


↠ Single Bed: $1777 +GST

↠ King Bed: $1977 +GST

(Single beds and King Beds available, Twin Share)

Payment Plans:

Are available on request – Please enquire, means you can pay off your Retreat in four easy payments! 🩷

The payment plans make it super manageable. If you want one of these come to me and I can let you know the payment plan for the option that you’re choosing.

🥰 (Please enquire about single occupancy if thats your vibe, this will push up your price but may be possible)

Some non residential spots MAY be available on application DM to BOOK IN xxxx

This is an Intimate Boutique Style Retreat so it will fill fast as only a few residential spots available, book yours SOON!

About your Host

Kaya Slater is a Mystic of the Modern Day. She is an inspiring leader for Woman of all walks of life and has a gift when it comes to leading Women in Sacred practice. Her skills and experience range through various Holistic Health and Embodiment practices including, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfullness, Mantra, Energy Healing, Reiki, Kahuna Massage, Lomi Lomi, Transformational Coaching, Empowerment Coaching, Mentoring, Soul- Guide Services, Yoga Teacher Training and much more! Kaya has been running Retreats world wide for over 23 years and been in the industry for 25 years. She runs Transformational programs, Circles and Retreats for Woman world over and coaches and mentors other Holistic Health professionals and Soul- preneurs how to THRIVE in their businesses. Kaya lives and breathes Yoga and Meditation and is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, she has facilitated many Teacher Trainings and has taught Yoga at Diploma Level.

Kaya is a Master of sharing Mantra and is an exceptional Teacher of this highly Transformative Meditative Tool. Retreats with Kaya are simply not to be missed.

I look forward to seeing you there….