What is Holistic Health

Our Western world is on a quest for holistic health.

We find ourselves looking to the ancient and modern Eastern communities for their ideas on medicines, therapies and wellbeing. It is these practices that have, for millennia, treated the body successfully in a holistic fashion. So what is holistic health and why do so many of us search for it?

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” – Hippocrates

It is false to think of the body as separate entities. Rather, it is a system of parts working as one.
The physical parts of our body, our mind, emotions and level of spirituality are indeed not disconnected but rather intertwined to create a whole being.

Holistic health brings these areas of the self together to establish health through balance.

There is rarely a single cause for human illness or dis-ease. We are complex creatures and experience a network of ailments that are all influenced by each other.

A physical condition such as a headache affects your mood. This goes on to damage your ability to empathise with others and can restrict your abilities to reach a state of inner calm and peacefulness.

A holistic approach would nurture our body as a whole. Through therapeutic practices, compassion for ourselves and the nurturing of our mind we can support our body to heal that headache naturally.

By restoring equilibrium between all facets within ourselves and our lives we can establish optimal wellness and unleash our best selves.

Humans have innate personal healing powers.

Many underestimate the parts of us they cannot see. They are limited to believing power is purely physical.

But just think of the intensity we hold in our emotions. This power can be even greater than physical power and is a force we can harness for the good of our health.

The same way ailments are interconnected throughout our being, so too are our positive attributes. A positive mindset can do wonders for bringing about amazing physical achievements.

Unconditional love and deep care have the ability to heal a person. Pure love for yourself will allow your amazing body to flourish if you give it the energy it needs.

You are ultimately responsible for your holistic health.

Unconditional love comes from within you. This powerful medicine heals your whole self it treats the body, the mind and the soul.

Such nourishing treatment moves away from the Western view of medicine that aims to simply alleviate symptoms.

Holistic health treatment reconnects all the elements of your body, mind and soul. Only then can you eliminate the bad, nurture the good and find that blissful balance of pure health and happiness.

Discover Holistic Health

Treatment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dis-ease is carried out through a combination of means.

Diet, sleep, exercise, stress relief, creativeness, counselling, spiritual practices – there is such a variety of natural remedies are at your fingertips to bring about positive changes tailored to your life.

All of these have one underlying factor; complete self-care. Complete in the sense that every aspect of your being is being cared for, not purely as a reactive treatment for issues but as a means of preventing problems before they arise.

It’s time to move away from the notion of fixing the self. Instead, starts seeking and discovering that optimal balance that provides us with the ability to heal, find happiness and experience ultimate contentment.