Three Essential Oils To Boost Your Wellbeing

From their high frequencies and various uses, essential oils gift us the ability to safely, ethically and naturally enhance our lives in many ways.

Nourish Your Body, Mind and Soul.


In addition to being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, essential oils are high in antioxidant properties which actively fight free radicals in our bodies. Oils are insoluble in water and easily attach to fat molecules. This enables oils to travel throughout the body and within cells extremely effectively improving organ function, internal systems and your immunity.


Positive emotions are greatly pronounced after exposure to essential oils. Various oils bring about different feelings, helping you to feel alert, relaxed or achieve a greater sense of clarity. They promote the production of hormones that boost your mood and reduce stress, tension and anxiety.


Drawing on the high vibrational quality of essential oils allows your own internal vibrations to become heightened, which brings greater vibrancy of life and health to all aspects of your being. It is this energy which helps to awaken our consciousness and allows us to truly experience our existence.

Oils for Health and Healing


Derived from the resin of the Boswellia Sacra tree originally from African and Arabian lands, Frankincense has many amazing properties.

Use aromatically to reduce anxiety, treat colds, suppress coughs, heal ulcers and ease indigestion. It is also a powerful aid for alleviating muscle tension and relieving pain. Topical use helps soothe dry skin and improves the appearance of scars, acne, stretch marks, age spots and wrinkles.


Having antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties allows Tea Tree oil to be the go-to natural alternative for medicinal and therapeutic care.

Also referred to as Melaleuca, this essential oil comes from the leaves of native Australian Tea Tree plants. Due to its ability to aid wound healing and kill fungi, its application becomes an effective body cleanse. It can also act as a natural deodorant and anti-dandruff solution. Adding it to soaps, shampoos and body creams greatly enhances your self-care products.


Lavender oil is extracted from the spikey flowers of specific Lavandula plant species, more commonly known as Lavender. This plant originates from African, Asian and European lands and has been used in healing remedies for millennia.

If you’re looking to wind down, Lavender oil will help settle you into a calmer mood and stress-free state of mind. It eases headaches, aids healthy brain functions and promotes more restful sleep. This beautifully scented oil embodies deep healing, helping to reverse hair loss and heal wounds, specifically burns and cuts.

Help to Heal

No matter how you decide to experience them, these oils will improve your quality of life and bring about significant holistic improvement. You can use essential oils to find greater ease in your general health or to pinpoint specific physical, emotional or spiritual symptoms for more focused healing. They are organic treasures that bring out the natural thriving state in all of us.