The Secrets of Lomi Lomi Massage and Kahuna Bodywork

As two therapeutically enriching practices, both Lomi Lomi Massage and Kahuna Bodywork are methods you can utilise to enhance your holistic wellbeing.

Albeit with slight differences, both these forms of healing allows practitioners to bring greater health and spiritual cleansing into your life.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage is a therapeutic practice that represents heritage. Lovingly passed down through the generations of families from the Hawaiian and Polynesian Islands where this form of massage originated, methods vary slightly depending on the practitioner.

This means that no two Lomi Lomi Massages are the same. Even though there is no set format or sequencing for this practice, there are several main techniques that will be used in each massage to bring about deep relaxation and healing.

Using hands, arms, elbows and shoulders, Lomi Lomi masseuses use long, flowing motions to relieve tension from the body. Gentle stretching and subtle joint movement are also incorporated into Lomi Lomi Massages to relax muscles, promote circulation and release stagnant energy from within.

Lomi Lomi Massages treat the entire body, as well as all the layers of your metaphysical Self. Via the connection of the inner Self to the physiological body, practitioners use the easing of tissues in the body to further release emotional, mental and spiritual blockage you may be experiencing.

With practitioners’ caring intentions and loving hands, Lomi Lomi massage will bring you feelings of great energetic renewal.

Kahuna Bodywork

Also originating from the Islands of Hawaii, Kahuna Bodywork improves your health, promotes emotional healing and encourages deeper spiritual connections.

Developed by a Hawaiian named Abraham Kawaii, the methods of Kahuna engage the practitioner and patient to bring about transformational healing. Through the act of giving and receiving positive energy, Kahuna Bodywork can assist people to experience great transitions in their lives.

Anyone can receive the incredible benefits of Kahuna Bodywork. Before work begins, practitioners set a loving intention, one that encourages energy exchange and guides you to relinquish anything that is physically or metaphysically holding you back.

Along with their personal investment through set intentions, practitioners help patients to open their heart and experience the Aloha energy. Meaning “love” in Hawaiian, you can see why being open to receiving Aloha energy can bring about deep healing from within.

Set to music, Kahuna Bodywork resembles a passionate dance that flows over and across your body. Healers use hands, fingers, arms and shoulders to employ common techniques of rhythmic pulling, pushing and long flowing strokes. Each practitioner adds their personalised styles as they intuitively cater for what your body needs; anything from strong and intense pressure to calm and nurturing movements.

As a result, patients feel rocked, soothed and cradled in the arms of the practitioner and their music. The flowing sounds, rhythmic strokes and deep breathing allow you to relax, let go and soak up positive energy. From decreasing muscle soreness and improving sleep to easing anxiety and eradicating energetic exhaustion, each and every person will experience an array of positive effects from Kahuna Bodywork.

The Secrets Are Out

Due to the ability to lovingly cater for each individuals’ needs, both Lomi Lomi Massage, Kahuna Bodywork, along with their practitioners, provide the opportunity for us to enhance ourselves. Whether it be greater clarity on decisions or directions in life, holistic physical healing or deep spiritual transformation, these wonderful practices can bring you what you seek.