The Natural Force of Balance

Some would say our whole existence is the act of balance. Even the Earth floating in space, residing in a position not too close yet not too far from the sun.

This optimal position of the Earth in our Solar System is known as the ‘Goldilocks Zone’; a zone perfectly balanced with enough energetic power from the sun to allow our planet and its people to thrive. Too far from the sun and we would freeze. Too close and we would perish. This is natural balance in it’s finest form.

Everywhere we look there is a balancing act in practice. Nature is controlled by two forces; pleasure and pain.

All beings experience these two forces as they pull us either way. Animals and nature alike learn what to do and what not to do, through pleasure and pain, in order to survive.

We engage in these learning experiences every day. Whether they be short mini-lessons – hugging a loved one or touching a hot stove – or long enduring lessons – building friendships or ongoing self-pity – all of these experiences result in learning what brings us positive and negative outcomes.

The beautiful balance of nature

If you’re looking for a balanced lifestyle, simply look to nature for guidance.

Nature and the animal kingdom never stop striving for balance. This process of actively seeking the middle ground is called homeostasis; a means of always moving back to stable equilibrium.

The ebb and flow of the tides reacting to the moon, the exchange of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide between humans and plants, the Earth’s tilt and resulting seasons and the process of animals pollinating flowers and fertilising the soil – these are all pure examples of how life and existence flourish when it experiences the harmony of balance.

The human need for counterbalance

Pain and pleasure are great teachers, changing our behaviour and gradually bringing all beings back into balance.

Unfortunately, humans are not as good as good at finding the perfect balance in our current lives.

The modern world in which we live exists in extremes. As a result, humans may experience severe swings in any one direction for a long period of time, leaving our bodies, minds and souls in the lurches of imbalance.

Such imbalances only result in pain and suffering.

When overworked, we break down, burnout and fall ill. When we are overactive our bodies demand extra sleep. When we experience increasing sadness we are overwhelmed with a sense of emptiness; a void longing for happiness.

What is balance for you?

Imbalances bring us no peace. To replenish our lifestyle to a state of equilibrium we can begin to make changes that will move us towards the middle ground.

We first must become aware of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs in order to understand how we can go about regaining health and happiness.

This is simply an act of learning to listen. Listen to yourself. Hear what your body is telling you. Accept its signals and encourage a mindset that will take the incremental steps of change towards a stable state of being.

Being able to recognise what is sending you off balance will allow you to adjust your lifestyle. This insight will help you to identify and seek truth in your life’s priorities.

Maybe to find true happiness you need to spend less time exercising and more time meditating. Maybe you need relinquish control and increase your creativity. Maybe you need to let go of certain relationships and seek simplicity in nature.

By listening to yourself and defining your life’s priorities you will find your own path and discover a state of health and happiness that is unique to you.