Sound Healing

An enormous variety of sounds wash over us most moments of our lives, beginning before we’ve even left the womb. The wind in the trees, traffic driving past, the hum of the fridge and the sound of our own voice – we are constantly immersed in sound waves that move over and through our bodies.

But have you ever stopped to think about the effect sound waves have on us?

The Power of Vibrations

Invisible yet constantly penetrating our environment – sound waves are powerful things. This power can be experienced in both positive and negative ways. It is the energy within a sound wave and your reaction to it that can bring about the improvement or the decline of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Let’s look at what is actually going on when we hear sounds.

Sounds are simply vibrations. These vibrations move as waves of energy through the environment. When they reach us, they flow through our bodies. Some waves of vibrations reach our ears. When this occurs, our inner ear works to decode the vibrations into a message that is sent to the brain. The brain then interprets this code and we experience the understanding of sound.

The good and bad effects of hearing sounds run deeper than just reacting to a happy and upbeat tune or crying to a slow and sad song. A lot deeper in fact.

Your Internal Tune

In addition to altering your mood through music, the waves of vibrations that flow through your skin, muscle and bones can disrupt energy that already exists in the body.

Our bodies all run at their own rhythm. Every pump of your heart, every movement of your joints, every stretch of your muscle fibres and every gurgle in your stomach create an internal flow of vibrational energy. Even your thoughts as they shoot through your brain as electrical currents cause vibrations of varying quality and frequency.

These waves of vibrational energy physically flow through you. When healthy, all your internal process are functioning in a state of effortless rhythm. Your body and your mind are running in harmonious balance. You are creating your own internal symphony.

The bombardment of external vibrations interfere with this internal balance. Anything from feeling unsettled or gloomy to experiencing illness or depression can be a result of disruptions to the balance of energy in your body and mind.

So what can we do to stop this?

Sound Healing

Sound healing is a non-invasive, peaceful and relaxing practice. It utilises sound waves at specific frequencies to restore balance to your body and mind.

By removing energy blockages, promoting positive energy flow and restoring harmony to your internal rhythm, Sound Healing can provide you with a myriad of health improvements.

From enjoying mental clarity, better sleep and improved immunity to treating anxiety, depression, pain and stress disorders, Sound Healing can bring about the change you need to regain holistic health.

Becoming aware of the impact of sound waves is the first step toward healing. Take time to recognise the overexposure of noise pollution we experience on a daily basis and seek moments where you can mindfully immerse yourself in simple sounds that bring you pleasure.

A trickling stream, a gentle breeze, a soft drum beat or the sound of your breath – Sound Healing comes in many forms. Searching for the vibrations that bring you peace and happiness will start you on your journey towards a more balanced, healthy and positive life.