The Art of Sacred Practice Retreat


with kaya


12-15 January 2024

registration now open


with kaya


12-15 January 2024

registration now open

Join me

Kaya Slater, Senior Yoga and Meditation Teacher and accomplished Retreat facilitator of 25 years, for a life changing and transformational Retreat focusing on ‘The Art of Sacred Practice’.

Spend four days and three nights, immersed in the depths and delights of Sacred Practice.

Cultivating regular Sacred Practice allows us to build a healthy relationship with compassion and love both inwardly and outwardly.

Prioritising time to regularly participate in activities that bring us closer to ourselves and to the Sacred world around us, allows us to understand our true nature, and gives us endless possibilities of connecting with our inner world, connecting with nature, and exploring the endless expansion and potential that lays within all of us…

Regular Sacred Practice gives us the opportunity to discover our deepest values, and to expand the good feelings in our body that are essential for healthy manifestation, magnetism, and connecting to our divine abundance..

If we ARE what we practice, then practising self-love, self-care, and sacred devotion is a means to living a happy, fulfilling, peaceful, joyful, and blissful life. Let’s learn how to nourish our mind, body and spirit and come back to our true state of being and be given living our life in joyful, effortless flow.

During these four days expect to cultivate, nurture and embody powerful and potent daily rituals and Sacred practice techniques that focus on cultivating healing, peace, transformation , stillness, and deep connection to the Sacred Divine in this life.

Through Yoga, Mantra, Meditation, Sacred Ritual, Creative Movement, Qigong, Pranayama, Ceremony, delicious nourishing nutrition, bodywork and Sacred Circle, allow us to explore all layers of our being and take the steps toward living the best possible life available to us.

Looking forward to sharing this magical retreat with you early in 2024 and starting the year off with positive intentions, healthy, happy, mindful habits, and a deep sense of connection to ourselves and the world around us.

Giving yourself a gift if Retreat is the best thing you can do for your mind, body and spirit… looking forward to having you there.

about this retreat

This life changing and transformation retreat is being held at the beautiful and picturesque



12-15 January 2024
4 Days | 3 Nights


Temple Retreat
580A Grandview Road
Pullenvale QLD

about your host

Kaya Slater is a Transformational Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Mentor who serves humanity through a range of powerful modalities designed to tap into the integration of the mind body and spirit. Kaya is an accomplished Senior Yoga and Meditation teacher and Teacher Trainer and retreat, facilitator with 25 years industry experience.

Kaya’s as a coach, combines a transformative umbrella of holistic healing and coaching services to bring about peace, balance and harmony to the mind, emotional body and spirit, allowing those she works with to find freedom, vitality and wellness once more and a deep sense of connecting to their truth. Her soul mission is to awaken those she works with to their true soul potential and calling and aims to bring her clients into their highest frequencies and into their highest timelines through her work.

She runs transformational yoga retreats yoga trainings and yoga coaching and mentoring programs for teachers. Yoga is a big part of the transformational holistic health coaching programs she offers.

An expert in the chakras and in energy medicine, Kaya’s work transforms the lives of those students and clients who are drawn to her magic.

I look forward to seeing you there….

how do i register?


YESSS! I am so glad you ask and can’t wait to see you there.

Resigtration is now open. simply click on the REGISTER NOW button below to lock your spot in.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via email.