20 November 2022
11:00 am – 5:00 pm


I Am. Yoga Centre, Bardon



As we may know, or may have heard on the grapevine, meditation is SO GOOD for us. In every single way possible.

We many know that Meditation improves our emotional state, calms and balances our mind, heals our physical body, connects us to our spirit, and helps us transcend the limitations, restrictions and challenges of the human physical world.

We may KNOW all these things, but the truth is, we may still be struggling to find OUR WAY or WAYS to meditate. We are all SO different, the type of meditation we connect to will be SO different. We also fluctuate continuously, which means the meditation we require during these fluctuations will changes as we do.

If we get STUCK and RIGID in the meditation techniques we know, we often hit a plateau affect and get little to no benefit from the meditation we are focusing on, we need to change, we need a different technique.There is literally a meditation for everyone, I KNOW this to be true. Whilst some can sit still in a buddha like seated position quite easily and focus on ‘nothing’
many will be intimidated and uncomfortable with this technique early on in their meditation journey and will require something different to focus on, like a mantra to chant, or a full body movement to repeat over and over.

I created this offering long ago to share different techniques of meditation that I teach regularly. Knowing how different we all are and how we all require different methods at different times.
I wanted to share a number of ways to meditate and share WHY they are beneficial and WHEN they are beneficial and give you a MEDITATION TOOLKIT so you can choose what to focus on for the best results in your current emotional, mental , physical state.

This Meditation day Retreat is LIFE CHANGING, totally transformational, and not to mention SUCH ABSOLUTE FUN!!
Who is this day retreat for ? – EVERYONE WELCOME – Whether you are a Yoga/Meditation Teacher looking to expand your knowledge for teaching purposes, or a practitioner of yoga old or new looking to deepen your practice and find your WAY/ WAYS to meditate this interactive, soulful and enlightening workshop is for you! All welcome.
‘ Kaya Slater is a Senior Yoga and Meditation Teacher with 25 years teaching experience. She has been teaching Yoga for 25 years, Mentoring Yoga Teachers for 16 years and running Teacher trainings for 16 years also. Kaya has taught Teacher Trainings at Diploma level mostly (850 hours) and LOVES to share her gifts in the realm of yoga in numerous ways. Kaya is a pioneer in the Yoga Industry, The Owner of ‘ Inner Journey’ a comprehensive Holistic Health Solutions Business combining Yoga, Meditation, Mentoring, Transformational Holistic Health Coaching, Nutrition, Spiritual Counselling, Energy Healing and Body Work to provide a FULL umbrella of Holistic Health services to her clients.
Kaya spends alot of her time mentoring Yoga Teachers in her signature program ‘ The Confident, Embodied, Yoga Teachers Mentoring Program’, a highly sought after program for Yoga Teachers, this program covers all aspects of Yoga, not only to enrich and deepen the knowledge of Yoga Studies with her students, but also to assist them in running successful, heartfelt, soulful Yoga Businesses.

Kaya has a totally unique and exciting way of bringing her expression of Yoga forth in the world. With many hours of Teacher Training over (3000) and much time spent studying yoga in India ( Mysore mostly), she has rich an vast
wealth of knowledge to share and is not afraid to share it wildly and passionately from her heart as her own unique and authentic expression, an extension of her soul.
Working with Kaya in the Yoga world is simply transformational, she cannot wait to share this amazing workshop experience with you!’

Investment – Only $144 Per Person Including an amazing vegetarian lunch, snacks and delicious chai.

For enquiries reach out to Kaya directly, to book your spot click the booking link, places are limited.