The Embodiment Series – Qigong and Mantra Magic

Welcome to the first in the ‘ Embodiment Series’ of 2023 with Kaya Slater, introducing a deep and delicious 5 week online exploration of energy the, introducing the ‘Qigong and Mantra Magic Journey’.

The 7 week online offering combines Powerful and Transformational Mantra Meditation with the ancient mind-body practice of Qigong, a life changing movement practice that harnesses the power of the breath with mindful, meditative, repetitive subtle movements designed to synchronize and harmonise the mind, body, and spirit.  This ancient form of magical energy medicine follows traditional Chinese Medicine Principles which teach us that we can only feel and be our best when qi, or energy flows freely through the meridians or energy channels in the body.  Qigong uses simple poses and flowing movements that remove blockages and obstacles that allow Qi to flow freely in the body.  Qigong is a complete Holistic Sacred Practice that conditions and nourishes the physical body, soothes and releases the emotional body and central nervous system, and clears and balances the mental body allowing for peace and freedom in the mind.  The Soul is deeply nourished through the practice of Qigong, a power- tool for a peaceful, tranquil and long happy life.

Begins : TBC

Kaya gracefully and skillfully combines the Magic Of Mantra with the Healing power of Qigong to take you on a Transformational 5 week Journey you will:

Learn Healing Qigong sequences to use to bring balance to the mind body and spirit

Learn to harness the power of Qigong for longevity, vitality, vibrancy and wellbeing

Explore creative playful movement that attunes you to your body’s natural rhythms and ability to tune into your intuition

Release deep seated tension from the physical body which left unattended create blocks in the flow of qi

Tap into your innate ability to release and heal suppressed feeling, emotions and trauma

Learn Pranayama breath techniques for harnessing energy in various ways

Be given Powerful Tools to bring balance and peace to a busy, worried and preoccupied mind

Be given tools to harness your inner power and wisdom appropriately

Learn transformational Mantra and Sacred Sound to unblock the physical body, liberate your emotional body and connect you deeply into spirit

Learn how to bring these two transformational tools together to unlock the power and potency that exists within you and to bring you a sacred gift of ‘magic; you can use time and time again with consistent positive affect

How does this Exploration Work?

We will connect weekly via zoom for a deliciously deep immersive 90 minute session which you can attend wherever you are in the world in your own sacred space and you are welcome to join live OR to receive the recording to practice in your own time.

Practicing live can be amazing as the collective energy of practicing together is magical in essence, but the same can be said for a recording to as we are all together in this container regardless of time and space limitations.

Each week we will explore the power of combining the Ancient art of Qigong with Magical Ancient Sanskrit and Gurmukhi Mantra Chanting to transform, heal  and EXPAND and access and re connect to our sacred sovereignty, we will ground and root in mother earth and equally shower in the essence of the heavens.

You will Receive

✵ Weekly Live 90 minute classes and the recordings of these classes to keep for life

Access to an interactive and supportive facebook group to share, connect and create magic with between our weekly sessions

✵ Music playlists used for each weekly class

Continuous access to me throughout the 5 week exploration through messenger and in the FB group

✵ Mantra voice recordings for home practice

Regular meditations and offerings from me in the facebook group throughout

I am so excited to share this magical offering with you, I KNOW you are going to love it..

Let’s explore the Magic of Qigong and Mantra together and continue to enrich our lives through sacred embodiment…

See you there!!

Love Kaya xx