Awakening the Goddess WorkshopA powerful and potent one day workshop

For women who are called to explore their sacred divine femininity through…

somatic practices that embrace, nurture and support the sacred feminine physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Join me, Kaya Slater, for a deep and delicious exploration of the Divine Sacred Feminine through the vessels of yoga, pranayama, meditative dance, meditation, Qigong, mantra, and ancient ritual all designed to support the female of the species.

In our predominantly Yang/Masculine Society it can be easy to get caught up in the rigidity and repetition and physical exertion of our practice without adequately including a practice which honours the more Yin/Feminine Space. Our Sacred Practice can be tailored to honour the feminine cycles, the feminine bodies, the feminine fluctuations and the flexibility, softness, space and openness that is required during certain times in our cycles. It is key as Women that we learn how to tune in to ensure our Sacred Practice is supportive to our Feminine orientation and cycles, and we know when to be dynamic and when to be gentle.

There are times during our cycles as women, when being particularly aware of our body, and our bodies requirements really calls for appropriate movement, meditation, mantra, ritual to allow us to express ourselves freely, whilst taking care of our body that is currently in the midst of change and transformation.

All too often we are looking for a ‘work out ‘ when what we really need is a ‘ work in’. Coming back to our heart space and allowing our Inner Goddess to Awaken.

Listening to the feminine rhythms is a skill we can all re -learn as our intuition guides us to do this naturally. Igniting our relationship with our Sacred Feminine is often a process of de- conditioning, unlearning and re-learning how to flow with our natural cycles, our bodies, our intuition and with the Universe. How to listen to the bodies Inner Wisdom and to be lead by it.

This powerful and potent one day container will take you on a deep journey and provide you with transformational tools that you need to support the Sacred Feminine and will provide complete Nourishment of the Mind, Emotional Body, Physical Body and the Soul through the a series of practices designed for Women to fully BE Women.

This deeply healing and Soul- Nourishing one day workshop for Women (one of my favourite workshops to run) will incorporate a delicious combination of Divine Sacred Feminine Practices including :

Transformational Yoga for the Woman’s Body

Restorative Practices for female support

Qigong Practices to support the Sacred Feminine

Meditative and Intuitive Dance for ignite the Goddess energy within

Mantra ( Chanting) and invoking key Goddess energy through Devotion

Pranayama in the feminine

Pranayama in the feminine

Temple Retreat Pullenvale

This amazing day will also include a luscious nutritious lunch with healthy sweet treats and Tea, Sacred Cacao Medicine goodness and connection with a group of like- minded Women. The magic of connecting with other Women can not be under-estimated.

The location is magical, the Tranquil and amazing Temple Retreat in Pullenvale, if you haven’t been yet now is your chance, and if you have you KNOW you want to get back there.  This beautiful and peaceful setting really is the icing on the cake for such a beautiful nurturing experience .

Numbers are limited so do book your spot promptly to ensure your spot. Cannot wait to hold this space for you gorgeous Women, See you there.

WHEN : Sunday May 28th – 9am to 5pm
Where : Temple Retreat Pullenvale


Upfront One payment : $177
Payment Plan : 3 x $67