The Embodiment Series – Qigong and Mantra Magic


Welcome to the first in the ‘ Embodiment Series’ of 2023 with Kaya Slater, introducing a deep and delicious 5 week online exploration of energy the, introducing the ‘Qigong and Mantra Magic Journey’.

The 7 week online offering combines Powerful and Transformational Mantra Meditation with the ancient mind-body practice of Qigong, a life changing movement practice that harnesses the power of the breath with mindful, meditative, repetitive subtle movements designed to synchronize and harmonise the mind, body, and spirit. This ancient form of magical energy medicine follows traditional Chinese Medicine Principles which teach us that we can only feel and be our best when qi, or energy flows freely through the meridians or energy channels in the body. Qigong uses simple poses and flowing movements that remove blockages and obstacles that allow Qi to flow freely in the body. Qigong is a complete Holistic Sacred Practice that conditions and nourishes the physical body, soothes and releases the emotional body and central nervous system, and clears and balances the mental body allowing for peace and freedom in the mind. The Soul is deeply nourished through the practice of Qigong, a power- tool for a peaceful, tranquil and long happy life.

Program Details


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3 Instalments of $85 – Please contact me if you want to set up an instalment plan via email: