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The Path to Life

Transformational Holistic Health Coaching Program


Take back control of your own health, vitality and wellbeing once and for all.

Need Guidance and Motivation to take back control of your Health, Vitality and Wellbeing?

A 6 or 12 month program to transform your life for good.

The ‘Path to Life’ Transformational Holistic Health Coaching Program is a 6 or a 12 month program for individuals who are ready to transform their lives for good and to take back control of their own health, vitality and wellbeing once and for all.

My intention as a Transformational Holistic Health Coach is to work with you integratively to address all aspects of the mind, emotions and the physical body that are affecting the flow and harmony in your life and preventing you from living the life your really deserve, which is one of vitality, love, beauty, abundance, prosperity, happiness and flow.

When we work Holistically’ we always consider how everything is innately connected. Through my journey of over 23 years in the Health, Wellness and Holistic Health Industry I have learned that to achieve a consistent state of vital health we must focus on all aspects of ourselves in order for permanent, deep and transformative changes to take place.

So when we take care of the mind through meditation and mindset coaching, we encourage old emotions to release and train ourselves to free up our emotional body on a regular basis and we stop holding our emotions in, or letting them dictate how we live our lives, and in turn the physical body is free of emotional and mental residue that stagnates and blocks the organs, muscles, and tissues and the physical body can be free too, we create a beautiful harmonious cycle, and when ever we notice one area is unbalanced, we know we need to pay attention to all areas, to encourage this cycle of equilibrium to continue.

As we are all human, it is inevitable that life will at times bring us challenges. When those challenges arise, depending on our individual behavior, habits, paradigms and patterns, we will be affected in different ways. Some may develop unhealthy mental patterning, negative and harmful thoughts, cluttered and busy minds, the inability to switch off, sleep issues, mental illness, anxiety, harmful thought processes and so on. Others may develop an unhealthy relationship with their emotional body, some may hold emotions in and create blockage, stagnation and dissociation, others may become volatile in their emotional space and struggle with excess anger, fear, sadness, or grief and this can be all consuming and extremely destructive. The physical body takes the brunt of all our emotional and mental disturbance and in turn starts to deteriorate or ‘ fail’ us. Sickness, ill-health, dis-ease, aches and pains of all shapes and sizes, weight gain, weight loss, migraines, digestive issues, chronic pain, extreme fatigue, the list goes on and on and basically the body we live in becomes uncomfortable, unhappy and uninhabitable.

Hi I’m Kaya,

That’s where I come in! I’m Kaya Slater and I am a Transformational Holistic Health Coach with 24 years in the industry of Holistic Wellness. I am a Facilitator of Healing, a Mentor and a Holistic Health expert when it comes to all things ‘integrative wellness’ and getting TRANSFORMATIONAL RESULTS for my clients is what I’m all about. My intention is to provide the ‘FULL’ framework for MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION, mentally, emotionally and physically and to get my clients first to rediscover their bodies from a place of love and ultimately feel the best they can feel and be the best they can be.

What’s Inside the Program?

The 4 Pillars of Transformation we will be addressing during your ‘Path to Life’ Program are…

Mind/Mental Body

Our Mindset is EVERYTHING – Without a Healthy Mindset we simply cannot connect to our inner peace, we cannot manifest successfully, or align ourselves to our true and highest potential. Working with me will transform your mindset completely. We will develop manageable and appropriate meditative practices that are aligned with YOU and serve you best, we are ALL so different and the meditations we practice must be aligned and appropriate for the specific issues we are dealing with. With 24 years experience as a meditation teacher I am fully equipped with meditative tools for ALL people, from the meditation newbie to a seasoned practitioner.

Transformational MindSet Coaching and Energy Healing Sessions, (Reiki/Pranic/Guided) will shift your limiting beliefs, negative conditioning and harmful thoughts and get you thriving with a balanced, peaceful, accepting, mindset bringing you closer to your true state of being.

Emotions/Emotional Body

Emotional Healing is simply a MUST for us to live free, peaceful, happy, abundant and flowing lives. When we experience certain situations in life, or in past lives, that result in trauma, that trauma sits in the body as suppressed emotion until it is acknowledged and healed. The word ‘EMOTION’ comes from the latin word ‘ emovere’ which means ‘ to move out’ so ideally when we do ‘ move emotion out’, we can be free of it and move forward.

Unfortunately what happens more often than not is that we do not ‘ move it out’ , we hold it in, or at least we hold some of it in anyways. The damage this causes should not be underestimated. The blockage of our emotions is going against our natural state of ‘ release’ and causes us physical damage. The organs, glands, muscles, tissues in the body become affected, we become blocked, stagnant, stuck and if left too long the result can be sickness, illness and dis-sease. In the ‘Path to Life’ program we will heal the suppressed emotions and set them free, you will learn emotional release techniques that are aligned to YOU as an individual and we will cultivate ways to ensure that emotions are not stored in your body and are always processed and released accordingly. You simply will feel good again, you are designed too!!

Physical/Physical Body

You only get one physical body, your physical body is your temple, the amazing vessel that is going to carry you through this life, and it simply needs to be taken care of.

The 3 most important factors we need to consider when caring for your physical body are:

  1. Movement
  2. Nutrition
  3. Accumulation of Mental and Emotional Stress.


We need to ‘ move ‘ the body regularly to maintain physical health. Movement is fundamental to happiness, health, vitality and a long healthy life. When we move the body we move the lymphatic system and we encourage waste to leave the body through the exit points so it does not accumulate in the body and cause problems. We get the organs and glands all juiced up through regular movement so they can all function properly, the organs can do their designated jobs and the glands can secrete appropriately so hormone production is efficient.

Through movement we can also tone the body, lose bodyfat, build muscle, create flexibility and FEEL so much better. In the ‘ Path to Life’ program we will learn to move the body in ways appropriate for us, Yoga being the prominent path, but also pilates, PT, Qigong and other forms of movement where appropriate. You will be individually advised on movement for you as we work through the program and your will receive a weekly live class which you can save and focus on for the week.


The fuel you put into your body is the foundation for your mood, hormonal balance, vitality and wellbeing, and we are ALL so DIFFERENT. There simply is not a one way to eat that fits all, we must LEARN about the foods that nurture us and support our wellbeing and this is a must to thrive in your physical body. Many of us follow ‘ fady’ diets , or fasting programs and YES some may suit you, but some may not. With a solid and extensive background in Holistic Nutrition, combined with Chinese Medicine Theories, and Ayurvedic Principles amongst other ways of eating for health and vitality, I will work with you to get you eating JUST RIGHT for your body mind and spirit.

We will personalise the way you eat and make sure that all you eat not only fuels you, but sustains you, supports digestive wellness, boosts your mood and immunity, and has you THRIVING in your beautiful body. You will reach your nutritional goals with me, this will be done in a healthy balanced way that totally suits your lifestyle. Say goodbye to YoYo diets and restrictive eating and say hello to a new balanced and totally enjoyable way to eat and a relationship with food that starts with gratitude.


Accumulation of Mental & Emotional Stress

When there is an awareness of not accumulating mental and emotional stress in the body because of the damage it causes, and when we have the tools and techniques and healing in place to prevent this accumulation, we can cultivate a much healthier, happier, free and easeful physical body.

Our body system functions improve such as digestion, circulatory, reproductive, respiratory, we have more flexibility, more lubrication around our joints and much less likelihood for pain, sickness or illness in the body. We create the foundation for a physical body that feels good.

Spirit/Soul/Spiritual Body

When we have harmony in the Mental, Emotional and Physical Body, we are naturally aligned to be more aware of our spiritual wellness and are more open to considering the search for a deeper meaning in life. When we are spiritually aware we feel more connected to our highest self, the part of us that is always content, always peaceful, always accepting, always ever knowing, always on the true path, always connected to truth in its highest form. We have more clarity, peace and abundance in life and we live life without resistance, fear, guilt, blame or shame.

We are ‘in flow’ and in our true rhythm, we embrace life and come from a place of love and gratitude in all of our actions, thoughts, and speech. By embarking on this Journey of Transformation with me, and saying YES to the ‘ Path of Life’, you are saying YES to a healthier, happier, more peaceful, healed and transformed version of yourself, you are saying YES to being the BEST version of yourself you can possibly be. You have the divine right to this happiness, this peace, this abundance, this healing, this flow, this success, this prosperity, it’s time to claim it.


What’s Included?

Once we establish the right program for you – depending on what you choose your program could include…

Weekly or Fortnightly Sessions of your choice

Face to face or online one on one options available.

This will include transformational healing sessions, modalities such as Reiki from a grand Master with 20 Years experience, Pranic Healing, Guided Healing, Angelic healing, Channeled Healing, Holistic Counselling, Transformational Coaching, Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Nutrition , Body Work such as Kahuna massage, Intuitive Massage and Lomi Lomi Massage ( Body Work only offered in face to face component).

Transformational group coaching

Online live, but you can watch replays if you miss the live.

We cover a WIDE range of Holistic Health Coaching Subjects in an interactive supportive and uplifting environment, prepare to build a HUGE toolkit of strategies, meditations, sacred teachings, energy medicines, healings and so much more!! The group coaching sessions are SIMPLY transformational and hugely profound, life changing. Subjects may include:

Energy, Alignment, Meditations, Mindfullness, Stress release, Yoga Teachings, Sacred Ancient Ritual, Kriya, Nutrition, Movement, Abundance, Relationships, Vedic Wisdom, Cultivating Peace.

One Weekly Online Physical Class

Live, but always a replay available.

This is most often a Yoga class, from yours truly a Senior Yoga Teacher, Teacher trainer,Yoga mentor and Yoga Coach with 24 years of teaching experience. We may also look at pilates, PT, Qigong from time to time. This class will get you MOVING and of course, you can always take it at your own pace, I suggest saving the class and practicing it daily for that week.

An Abundance of…

  • Powerful Meditations and Spiritual lessons
  • Recipes and Personalised Nutrition Plans
  • Detoxification programs and support through them
  • A FB Group to interact in and to receive regular support, teachings, lives, offering and information
  • Continuous access to me, though the group, by messenger, by text whenever you need me, I’m here!

Are you Ready to?


  • Release your limiting beliefs
  • Break Harmful and limiting Paradigms
  • Break harmful and negative habits
  • Ready to stop doubting yourself and stop vibrating at a low frequency
  • Ready to increase your frequency of vibration
  • Ready to increase your confidence, self belief and self worth
  • Remove your deep seated blocks in life
  • Ready to increase your confidence, self belief and self worth
  • Heal and release Trauma and suppressed Emotions that hold you back in life
  • Cultivate Peace in Your life
  • Cultivate a Healthy Happy Body
  • Cultivate Peace in Your life
  • Balance and Maintain and Healthy Vital Mindset
  • Cultivate a strong, fit and healthy body
  • Treat your body like the temple that is and nourish it appropriately
  • To heal, To transform, To grow
  • To connect to your power, vitality and life force in a way you never thought possible?
  • Ready to say YES to your universe??

Find your Path now…

If you resonate with any of the above, my program ‘Path of Life’ is DEFINITELY for you and its time to book in your free 30 min no obligation discovery call. Im an SO excited to work with you, lets do this!!

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