Enjoying the Benefits of Reiki Healing

Traced back to spiritual healing methods in early 20th Century Japan, Reiki Healing is a practice that promotes relaxation, peacefulness and energetic transformation.

Discovering Meaning

“Rei” relates to the higher power or wisdom and “Ki” references the eternal life energy force within us all. With these elements combined, Reiki Healers are able to help us develop a deeper awareness and assist in removing energetic blockages to allow for greater positive energy flow within.

When our life force energy is low, we feel low, ill or depleted. Reiki actively removes such negative states, freeing you from stress, anxiety, pain and feelings of sadness or emptiness. Reiki Healers assist you in nurturing happiness, love and acceptance. Reiki is a healing practice that benefits the whole body, from our physical layer to deep within our mental, emotional and spiritual layers.

Understanding Methods

Reiki is a non-invasive and natural process that can elicit powerful effects. Healers may place their hands on patients or simply hover their hands just above a patient’s body. There is no physical manipulation of the body. Instead, there are sequences of positions in which the healer places their hands to transfer energy where it is needed the most.

As the healer moves around the patient’s body, the transfer of life force energy occurs through their hands. The ability for the practitioner to recruit positive energy, connect through caring intentions and apply skills of deep nurturing enable the effects of Reiki to penetrate your entire being. Your body and mind will become charged with positive energy.

Who Can Benefit?

Due to it’s gentle and nourishing nature, most people are perfect candidates for Reiki Healing. There is no need to remove your clothing and little preparation is necessary for treatment. There is no level of spiritual development or internal awareness required.

Reiki Healers create a therapy session that suits each individual. They can adapt how they engage with various levels of energy transfer, ways they approach individual’s awareness and techniques they use for physical and metaphysical care.

Not only does Reiki promote internal balance of the complete Self, but it also acts as a supportive practice to most other therapies. Reiki Healing is widely used as an effective complementary therapy as it enhances their outcomes and can further improve your overall wellbeing.

Enjoy Healing

Throughout and at the conclusion of your Reiki Healing session you may experience a variety of sensations. Feelings of glowing warmth, soothing coolness, slight tingling or twitching are normal and completely natural.

You may also feel no physical symptoms at all. But one thing is consistent; you will leave full of positive energy. This uplifting sensation will go on to help heal and nourish you from the smallest cell to your deepest thought. Enjoy the happiness and peacefulness Reiki Healing gives.