Coming out of an online 200 hour yoga teacher program I knew that I needed more training in yoga to become the teacher I wanted to be. I began by perusing through some of the local yoga Facebook pages and found Kayas post calling any teachers looking for some guidance and I jumped at it. We had a conversation and I knew that she could provide the guidance I felt  I needed. The confident, embodied yoga teacher program gave me a container of other teachers who felt they needed similar guidance but were all at different stages in our teaching careers. Me being completely fresh to the yoga world, it opened me up to a varied group of skilled yogis that I could ask any questions, learn from and support me. The group aspect was amazing as we all supported and shared our experiences with each other. Kaya provided a beautiful yoga class every Tuesday morning and a meditation/yoga business call in the Thursday evenings giving us the tools to create our own successful yoga businesses. Everyone was also gifted a halfhour one on one call focused on our individual needs and would point us in the direction we needed to keep moving forward. She challenged us with facing our fears and blockages and helped us move through them. She provided a safe space to express our thoughts, feelings and experiences without judgement. Being in this program I gained an immense amount of yogic knowledge that I did not get from my original course. To any teachers struggling or feeling stuck in their business or just want to gain more knowledge of yoga philosophy/teachings I would 100% recommend Kaya Slater to help guide you as she has been an angel to the whole group of us throughout the 4 month program.