Temple of Woman

A Sacred Circle of Women in Line with the

New Moon Event.

Temple of Woman

A Sacred Circle of Women in Line with the New Moon Event.

We would love to invite you to our next Women’s Event, ‘ The Temple of Woman’ Circle for Women.

This particular circle, will be focused on the theme of’ Surrender and Deep Rest’.

The importance of switching off and cultivating restorative practices and rituals, to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, our natural state of rest, restore and repair, is essential in achieving a healthy, happy balanced state of being.

In this extra special circle, expect a combination of deeply healing restorative yoga, enchanting and transformative mantra and chanting meditation, gentle breath work, sharing of sisterhood love and laughter, and sharing of delicious sweet treats, and medicinal Sacred Cacao in Ceremony.

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We would love to see you there, ♥️

about this event

Join Kaya in line with the New Moon, a great time for introspection, new beginnings, intention setting, shedding of the old skin, and an opportunity to plant positive seeds for the future.

I cannot wait to share this magic with you!! Expect this Circle to be the first of many!


Sunday, 24 September, 2023
3:30 – 6:30pm


Fig Tree Yoga
20 Michelangelo Street
Fig Tree Pocket QLD


Concession is available for students or those facing financial hardship ( please reach out to Kaya Privately)


Contact Kaya directly on Facebook or Tanya @ Fig Tree Yoga on tanya@figtreeyoga.com.au

There is nothing more Powerful and Potent than Women gathering together in Sacred Circle, to share, to heal, to grow, to transform, to meditate, to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine, and to share space with other Women to be held and supported without judgement.

As a facilitator of Women in Circle now for over 20 years, whether on Retreats, in Sacred Circle, in ceromony, in workshops, in Trainings, or other Sacred offerings, it is always crystal clear to me how much Women require this kind of offering.

The female of the Species craves community and connection, craves the chance to get together and to create magic as a collective, even if we don’t know it yet!

Women have been gathering in circle for thousands of years, these circles provide a powerful and supportive sense of Sisterhood and connection that many may be lacking in their lives. In this kind of Sisterhood, a Woman thrives.

This Potent Practice allows a Women to share her uniqueness and her challenges with other Women in a safe environment.

Through this we learn that we are supported, that we are not alone.

Each circle will vary in theme and in offering but you can expect various inclusions month to month such as…




Energy Healing






Group Meditation


Cacao Ceremony




Moon Rituals


Tea Ceremony




Sacred Rituals


Yoga Nidra



(only when you are ready)




Restorative Practices










and more!!

What Women have to say about Sacred Circle with Kaya

‘In a circle with Kaya, expect to be HELD, SEEN and KNOWN. Kaya is simply the most attentive Teacher, Facilitator, Coach and Mentor I have ever known. Kaya has a pure gift when it comes to facilitating Women, her level of knowledge, experience, expertise and wisdom is profound and she radiates compassion in all that she offers. The way she holds space in circle is like no other, and I have experienced many! It is clear she is born for this Sacred work and has been in this service for lifetimes, I am so grateful I found Kaya and 12 years later I still work with her as often as I can!’


About your Host

Kaya Slater is a Transformational Holistic Health Coach, Senior Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Mentor , and Facilitator of Retreats for Women with over 25 Years experience. She serves humanity through a range of powerful modalities designed to tap into the integration of the mind body and spirit.

She combines a transformative umbrella of holistic healing and coaching services to bring about peace, balance and harmony to the mind, emotional body and spirit, allowing those she works with to find freedom, vitality and wellness once more and a deep sense of connecting to their truth.

Her soul mission is to awaken those she works with to their true soul potential and calling and aims to bring her clients into their highest frequencies and into their highest timelines through her work.

An expert in the chakras and in energy medicine, Kaya’s work transforms the lives of those students and clients who are drawn to her magic.