Soul Ascension 1 on 1 Private Mentorship + Coaching

A private Mentoring and Coaching Program for Holistic Health Professionals who are ready to THRIVE

A powerful and potent program designed JUST for you , the Holistic Health Professional who is ready to do the work physically, mentally., emotionally and spiritually to successfully create, grow and nurture the Soul Aligned, Heart focused Spiritual Business of your Dreams.

You will have me FULLY in your corner and supporting you along the path you wish to tread, accelerating, illuminating and ASCENDING your path into that superconscious version of yourself and becoming THE BEST VERSION of YOU, you can possibly be to fulfil your legacy and to lead other human beings with your light into the lightness with love, compassion and complete alignment.

This 1 on 1 Container gives you FULL Coaching and Mentoring Support to build/ grow or recreate your Soul- Legacy Business and to be supported in all endeavours required to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Are you ready to become a  SUPER ATTRACTOR to your ideal SOUL MATE client and to energetically align yourself to call in on all you require to thrive in your Spiritual Business?

    • Are you ready to put into action all the practical and strategic systems that enable your business to thrive whilst also making sure that they align with you and your general energy?
    • Are you ready to create marketing and promoting systems that align with your heart?
    • Are you ready to break through the blocks and barriers that are preventing you from connecting to your true divine birth rate of abundance and Flow?
    • Are you ready to heal any trauma that is preventing you from believing in your capacity to thrive?
    • Are you ready to become magnetic to your ideal client?

Allow me to be your guide.

About the program

You will receive - An Initial SOUL ASCENSION Welcome Session - where we meditate POWERFULLY together and get CLEAR on all our intentions together moving forward, we will brain storm, get creative and CRYSTAL CLEAR on your focus and objectives.

You will receive a personalised recorded Quantum Vision Meditation to practice/listen to daily ( to be edited if and when required program duration depending).

You will receive laser focused fortnightly 50 mins one on one Live online Zoom Sessions with me so we can ACCELERATE your business and your spiritual growth in alignment with your uniqueness and embrace YOUR journey unconditionally along the way, you will receive the recordings also to reflect upon.

A weekly live online Yoga Class.

A private facebook group Membership just for me and you where we can share info etc.

Unlimited support from me through messenger reach out ANYTIME, I will be CONTINUOUSLY by your side throughout this next phase of your elevation ( at weekends I may not always answer straight away but monday through to friday im on, and will answer at weekends if im available).

You will receive my complete energetic support throughout your time with me, i'm fully in your corner!.