Woman Rising Retreat

Woman Rising Retreat

with kaya

High Vibe Retreat for Soulful Women

Brookfield Queensland

November 29th- December 2nd

registration now open

Woman Rising Retreat

with kaya

High Vibe Retreat for Soulful Women

November 29th- December 2nd

registration now open

Join me for

A High Vibe Retreat for Soulful Women Nestled in the serene beauty of Brookfield, Queensland, the ‘Woman Rising Retreat’ promises a transformative experience for Soulful Women seeking to elevate their vibration and expand their consciousness.

Facilitated by the renowned retreat leader, Kaya Slater, this three-night and four-day retreat is a sanctuary where Women can expect to raise their frequency and vibration, reconnect with their true inner power and embrace the power of the Divine Sacred Feminine within.

A Sanctuary for the Soul- Designed as a Soulful Woman’s dream come true, the retreat offers a nurturing environment where participants can connect with one another and immerse themselves in transformational practices, rituals, and crafts, all designed to switch our frequency into one of Love, Joy and Gratitude, thus raising our frequency into higher vibrations.

The beautiful setting provides a serene backdrop for this journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Ancient Practices, Transformational Meditative Techniques and Sacred Rituals.

Your Guide, Kaya Slater is a Master when it comes to Yoga, Meditation and Facilitating Women in Sacred Circle and on Retreat. She has been serving in this space for 25 years and is a Transformational Empowerment Coach, Senior Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Yoga Mentor, and seasoned Retreat Facilitator with a plethora of skills, training and experience that is vast and hugely expansive.

Kaya has been facilitating huge transformation and spiritual growth in her clients through programs, retreats, trainings and workshops so successfully for so long, that she has it down to a fine art. Her intuitive and skilled capacity to hold space for transformation and for raising vibration is exceptional and powerful.

During the ‘Woman Rising Retreat’, Kaya will draw upon Embodied Ancient Wisdom, Sacred Teachings from all the linaeages she has studied and embodied, Life Changing Self-Devotional practices and Modern day delights designed to guide participants towards a heightened state of awareness and vibrancy. The focus will be on ‘ Raising our Vibration’ and you can expect to be expertly guided through a variety of techniques to encourage a higher frequency of vibration so we can cultivate the energetics required to become magnetic, abundant and prosperous and literally full of LOVE and JOY!

This time together is about connecting to your True Innate Power and Wisdom and becoming ‘ High Vibe’ and deeply ‘ tuned in.

What to Expect

↠ Embodied Exploration of the Divine Sacred Feminine Archetypes

↠ Sacred Ritual and Practice Designed to raise your vibration

↠ Craft and Play

↠ Dance and moving meditation

↠ Ceremony -Mantra/Chanting/Song

↠ Somatic Movement -Pranayama ( healing breathwork)

↠ Kundalini Yoga/Yin and Restorative Yoga

↠ Nutritional delights and delicious food will nourish the body and soul, supporting the journey towards vibrant well-being

↠ Sacred Connection and Circle

↠ Silence, Deep Listening and Stillness

Throughout the retreat, participants will have the opportunity to chant sacred mantras, to dance on the earth and to honour the land and the ancient traditions that have shaped our understanding of the sacred feminine.

These practices will help raise our vibration and expand the capacity for joy, allowing each woman to become a magnetic, high-vibe being who effortlessly attracts abundance and manifests her desires.

The “Woman Rising” Retreat is a transformative journey that invites Women to step away from the demands of daily life and reconnect with their hearts and souls. By embracing ancient wisdom and sacred practice, participants will emerge with a renewed sense of purpose, empowerment, and vibrancy, ready to shine their light upon the world.

About this Retreat


A Stunning Private Location in Brookfield, ITS AMAZING, Spa included


Nov 29th- Dec 2nd, 3 nights, 4 days

Your investment:


↠ Single Bed: $1777 +GST

↠ King Bed: $1977 +GST

(Single beds and King Beds available, Twin Share)

Payment Plans:

Are available on request – Please enquire, means you can pay off your Retreat in four easy payments! 🩷

The payment plans make it super manageable. If you want one of these come to me and I can let you know the payment plan for the option that you’re choosing.

🥰 (Please enquire about single occupancy if thats your vibe, this will push up your price but may be possible)

Some non residential spots MAY be available on application DM to BOOK IN xxxx

This is an Intimate Boutique Style Retreat so it will fill fast as only a few residential spots available, book yours SOON!

About your Host

Kaya Slater is a Mystic of the Modern Day. She is an inspiring leader for Woman of all walks of life and has a gift when it comes to leading Women in Sacred practice. Her skills and experience range through various Holistic Health and Embodiment practices including, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfullness, Mantra, Energy Healing, Reiki, Kahuna Massage, Lomi Lomi, Transformational Coaching, Empowerment Coaching, Mentoring, Soul- Guide Services, Yoga Teacher Training and much more! Kaya has been running Retreats world wide for over 23 years and been in the industry for 25 years. She runs Transformational programs, Circles and Retreats for Woman world over and coaches and mentors other Holistic Health professionals and Soul- preneurs how to THRIVE in their businesses. Kaya lives and breathes Yoga and Meditation and is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, she has facilitated many Teacher Trainings and has taught Yoga at Diploma Level.

Kaya is a Master of sharing Mantra and is an exceptional Teacher of this highly Transformative Meditative Tool. Retreats with Kaya are simply not to be missed.

I look forward to seeing you there….

Mother India Retreat

Mother India Retreat

with kaya

Experience a transformative eight day Yoga and Meditation Retreat in North Goa, India

8-15 April 2025

registration now open

Mother India Retreat

with kaya

Experience a transformative eight day Yoga and Meditation Retreat in North Goa, India

8-15 April 2025

registration now open

Join me

Experience a transformative eight day Yoga and Meditation Retreat in North Goa, India, led by Kaya Slater, a seasoned Senior Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Meditation Teacher, Mentor and experienced Retreat facilitator, from the 8th to the 15th of April 2025.

Treat yourself to a whole week of Yoga, Meditation and deep Soul- Connection in the serene surroundings of North Goa. Participate in a rejuvenating journey of self-discovery, transformation, and spiritual growth with experienced Retreat facilitator Kaya Slater.

Embark on a holistic yoga, meditation, and Sacred Practice retreat that combines the traditional ancient practices of yoga, meditation and ancient ritual, with modern day wellness techniques, somatic practices, and playful movement.

Each day will be filled with guided yoga sessions, ancient ritual, meditation, spiritual practice, ceremony, and workshops, designed to deepen your practice and enhance your well-being.

We will explore the local sites, and enrich our Souls by exploring local temples, churches, Sacred Sites, local markets, spice plantations, receiving Ayurvedic treatments, taking part in Indian cookery classes, and immersing ourselves in all that the beautiful local area has to offer.

It is a gift to practice Yoga in the tranquil ambiance of North Goa, surrounded by lush greenery, Indian skies with the most stunning sunsets and sunrises, the sound of the ocean, and inviting nature all around.

The beauty of the Indian Ocean and the bright red/ pink sun in the sky in North Goa creates a mesmerizing backdrop for practicing Yoga and Meditation. There could not be a more beautiful spot for us to practice together. The serene waters of the Indian Ocean reflect the tranquility and vastness of the practice, while the warm sun illuminates the sky, symbolizing enlightenment and vitality.

about this retreat

Join us for an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and deeply connected to your heart and to the heart of Mother India.


8-15 April 2025
8 Days | 7 Nights


Nalanda Retreat
Mandrem Beach 403527
Goa India

Retreat Schedule


↠ 6:30 AM – 7:00 AM- Morning Meditation

↠ 7.00 AM – 9AM- Morning Yoga Practice

↠ 9:30 AM- Breakfast


↠ Excursions and Trips to Local Sites

↠ Guided Excursions or Trips to Local Sites, free time, local activities


↠ 4:00 PM – 6PM Evening Yoga Practice

↠ 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Meditation , Chanting Mantras and Kirtan, dance

↠ 7/730 PM Dinner

🙌 We will share a delicious breakfast and dinner together each day from the nourishing in-house restaurant, which caters to all needs and prides itself on healthy delicious and satisfying food.

Practicing Yoga in India – Why?

India, known as the motherland of yoga and meditation, holds profound significance for practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding and experience of these ancient practices. Here are some key reasons why practicing yoga in India is highly valued:

💫 Roots of Yoga- Yoga originated in India developed by ancient monks and sages for mental emotional and physical well-being, meditative purposes, and profound spiritual growth. Practising Yoga in its birthplace allows practitioners to learn from the authentic source, delving into the rich philosophy and teachings deeply embedded in Indian culture.

💫 Cultural Immersion- Practicing yoga in India offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the culture that birthed this transformative practice. Practising Yoga in the motherland , India, encourages students to integrate Yogic principles beyond physical postures, enriching their practice on and off the mat and allowing for deeper understanding of Yoga as a way of life.

💫 Community and Diversity- India attracts a diverse international community of yoga enthusiasts, fostering an environment where like-minded individuals from around the world come together to learn and grow. This cultural exchange enhances the learning experience and creates lasting friendships that transcend borders.

💫 Spiritual Development – experiencing and practising Yoga in India often marks a significant turning point for many individuals, sparking a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The teachings of yoga in India ignite a process of self-development, A deep Soul awakening, encouraging more profound self reflection and transformation of the mind, body and spirit.

Practicing Yoga in India not only deepens one’s understanding of this ancient practice but also offers a transformative journey of self-discovery, cultural immersion, and spiritual growth rooted in the rich traditions of the motherland of yoga.

Retreats in India with Kaya – Why?

Choosing to go on a retreat with Kaya in India is a remarkable decision, especially considering her deep connection to the country, roots, heritage, and extensive experience studying yoga over the years.

Here are compelling reasons why this choice is exceptional:

🙌 Expertise and Experience- With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Kaya Slater brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and expertise to guide participants on a profound journey of self-discovery through Yoga, Meditation and Sacred Practice . Her extensive experience ensures that you receive top-notch guidance and support throughout the retreat.

🙌 Personalized Guidance- Kaya’s level of experience and background as a transformational holistic health coach allows her to offer personalized guidance tailored to individual needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Kaya’s approach is inclusive, supportive, and focused on helping each participant to connect to their best experience, she is a natural space holder, and running, amazingly successful Retreat is one of her superpowers!

🙌 Holistic Approach- The retreat combines yoga, meditation, Sacred practices, and workshops designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Kaya’s holistic approach addresses all aspects of well-being, promoting balance, harmony, and inner peace.

🙌 Beautiful Location- Set in the serene surroundings of North Goa, the retreat offers a picturesque backdrop for self-reflection and rejuvenation. The tranquil ambiance of the location enhances the overall experience, allowing participants to connect with nature and themselves on a deeper level.

🙌 Community and Support- By joining this retreat, you become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey of self-discovery and growth. The shared experience fosters connections, friendships, and a sense of belonging that extends beyond the retreat.

🙌  Cultural Immersion- Kaya’s profound understanding of India’s culture, roots, and heritage enriches the retreat experience by offering participants an authentic and immersive journey into the heart of yoga and meditation. Her familiarity with the country’s traditions and practices ensures a genuine and transformative experience deeply rooted in Indian spirituality.

🙌 Yoga Study in India- With years of dedicated study and practice in India, Kaya has honed her expertise under the guidance of seasoned teachers and within the birthplace of yoga itself. This firsthand experience allows her to share authentic teachings, insights, and practices that reflect the essence of traditional yoga philosophy and techniques.

🙌 Spiritual Connection- India, known as the motherland of yoga, holds a special place in the hearts of practitioners seeking spiritual growth and enlightenment. By embarking on a retreat with Kaya in India, participants can tap into this spiritual energy, connect with their inner selves, and deepen their practice in a sacred land that resonates with centuries of yogic wisdom.

Choosing to join Kaya on a yoga and meditation retreat in India not only provides an opportunity to deepen your practice but also offers a profound journey of self-discovery, cultural immersion, and spiritual growth under the guidance of an experienced teacher deeply connected to the roots and heritage of this ancient land.

This retreat offers a perfect blend of relaxation, self-reflection, and personal growth. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner, this retreat is designed to cater to all levels, providing a safe and supportive space for you to explore your inner world.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and deeply connected to your heart and to the heart of Mother India.

Your Investment:

Payment Option 1:
Discounted Upfront One Payment Option. Participants can take advantage of a discounted upfront payment option by securing their spot early. This discounted rate rewards those who commit in advance. Only $2,777 AUD plus GST.
(Please Note: the $2,777 Upfront option is an early bird option and is only available until…May 31st, 2024 then it goes up to $3,108)

Payment Option 2:
Choose our Convenient Instalment Plan- 5x instalments of $667 plus GST.

To make the retreat more accessible, this handy instalment plan is available for participants. This plan allows individuals to spread the cost of the retreat over 5 handy payments, making it easier to manage financially while still securing a spot on the transformative journey.

Individual tailored payment plans are often possible by request, you can always reach out if you would like to suggest a different payment plan option, always open to discussion.

↠ Single occupancy is also available on request for an extra fee.
↠ (Please note that your flights are not included or arranged by us but by you)

Locking your place in for this Retreat, as early as possible, is suggested. To ensure your place as numbers are limited. Come journey with us in Goa India.

Exploring Qigong

Exploring Qigong

A 6 week Series – Establish your Qigong Practice with Kaya Slater.

Exploring Qigong

A 6 week Series – Establish your Qigong Practice with Kaya Slater

Join me for a six week online Qigong Exploration, join live on Zoom at 8:30 am on Saturdays, or receive the recording to practice at a time of your choice. The recordings will be yours for life.!

Join me, Kaya Slater for a deeply expansive six-week Qigong journey which will focus on establishing a foundation in this Ancient Chinese Powerhouse Practice for health, vitality and optimum, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

💫 During this series, participants can expect to learn transformational qigong exercises, ranging from super gentle to more dynamic, gentle coordinated body movements balancing the masculine and feminine , purging and cleansing exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation practices that are all at the heart of a well rounded Qigong Practice.

💫 The intention of this particular series is to lay the foundation for all participants to develop awareness of the fundamental principles of Qigong and to provide them with the tools required to develop a deeply nourishing and life changing personal practice.

💫 Qigong is a transformational technique for health, longevity, vitality and wellness. By building a regular dedicated practice you are giving yourself such a powerful gift of Ancient Wisdom and laying the foundation for peaceful, harmonious and balanced energy flow.

about this event


The classes will run on Saturday mornings at 8:30 am for six weeks commencing Sat 17th Feb (please be reminded you can attend live, or you can do the recording any time)


Investment for this program is only $177 per person or 3 x payments of $67

The benefits of practicing Qigong really are endless, but check out some of the main benefits below…

1. Improved Fitness: Qigong enhances physical fitness through its slow, purposeful movements and deep breathing.

2. Reduced Anxiety and Depression: Studies have shown that qigong can reduce symptoms of depression, decrease anxiety, and improve mood.

3. Lowered Blood Pressure: Qigong has been associated with reduced blood pressure, contributing to cardiovascular health.

4. Relief from Chronic Pain: It may help alleviate chronic pain, including conditions like neck pain, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis.

5. Enhanced Immune Function: Qigong practice has been linked to strengthened immune function, potentially aiding in overall well-being.

6. Improved Quality of Life: Qigong has been shown to enhance mood, quality of life, and self-regulation.

7. Balance and Fall Prevention: It can improve balance and reduce the fear of falling, particularly in older individuals.

8. Heart Health: Biomarkers of heart health have been shown to improve in response to qigong practice, indicating potential benefits for cardiovascular health.

9. Inflammation Reduction: Some measures of inflammation in the body have been shown to improve with qigong practice.

10. Stress Reduction: Qigong can help reduce stress and promote the body’s optimal functioning.

11. Qigong provides you with an excellent form of moving meditation, making meditation easily accessible for you.

12. Qigong provides powerful healing, especially for those in recovery from sickness, disease illness or injury.

13. Qigong provides a transformative form of movement that nourishes the mind, body and Soul and can be done anywhere, at any time by anyone.

14. Qigong brings us deep balance aligning us with the masculine and feminine in us all.

15. Qigong improves your energy flow so that you are more in control of how you feel day today as your energy flows freely through your meridians (energy channels).

With all of these benefits in mind, establishing your regular practice of Qigong will be a game- changer for your mind, body and Soul.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner of Qigong, a complete newbie, or just curious this 6 week series is for you! Suitable for all levels of practice.

All classes will be online live on zoom , however if you cannot make the lifetime you will receive the recording so you can literally plan to practice whenever it suits you! So basically you can sign up wherever you are in the world!

💫 All classes will be 45 minutes in length will receive them live on zoom weekly for six weeks and you will also receive all recordings.

💫 You will be added to a Facebook group for all replays and recordings.

💫 You will receive all six class recordings and can keep them for life, so you can revisit them as often as you like.

💫 You have access to the Facebook group for questions, queries and discussion with myself and other members.

💫 You will have direct access to me throughout to to discuss, personalise and ask questions about your own personal Qigong practice.

About your Qigong teacher, Kaya Slater

Kaya is an experienced Qigong teacher and practitioner who is deeply passionate about sharing the transformative benefits of Qigong with her students. She believes in the role of a teacher as a deeply embodied guide, directing her students attention to the inherent knowledge and light within the natural world. Kaya’s teaching approach is unique in that it emphasizes a balanced learning experience, combining intellectual understanding with embodied practice, allowing students to develop both knowledge and practical skills whilst also having fun in the process.

Kaya is dedicated to creating a supportive community and enhancing the well-being of her students. Her perspective on life has been positively shaped by years of Qigong practice and teaching, and she is committed to offering a holistic and transformative learning experience to her students in all areas and believes that adding Qigong to your practice is life changing for everyone! Kaya’s classes in Qigong are FUN and she has an effortless ease when it comes to sharing the magic of Qigong with her students . Sign up now to begin changing your life today.!

To join simply send me a DM to get the sign up details.

For the Love of Crystals eBook

“For the Love of Crystals” E-Book

With the help of this thorough manual that combines timeless knowledge with cutting-edge insights, explore the fascinating world of crystals. “For the Love of Crystals” offers a life-changing experience, whether you’re a seasoned gem aficionado or just starting into this luminous world.

Why This Book Is For You

↠ Holistic Approach: Explore the multifaceted universe of crystals. From their history and origins to their unique properties, dive deep into what makes each gem a potent ally for healing, manifestation, and spiritual growth.

↠ Intuitive Learning: Navigate through carefully curated chapters that not only elucidate the inherent properties of each crystal but also guide you on harnessing their energies effectively. Let each page resonate with your personal journey, helping you connect with crystals on a profound level.

↠ Practical Applications: Learn to incorporate crystals into your daily life. From meditation practices to energy healing sessions, discover versatile ways to utilize these radiant stones. Plus, with the bonus chapter on crafting your own crystal grids, gain hands-on experience in elevating your energy work.

↠ Universal Appeal: “For the Love of Crystals” is designed for readers across the spectrum. Whether you’ve cherished crystals for years or are just starting to appreciate their magic, this guide is your trusted companion.

↠ Stunning Imagery: A visual feast awaits! Delight in the vibrant photography that brings to life the beauty and essence of each crystal.

Start a bright journey through the crystalline paths that lead to self-discovery, deep healing, and strength. Each step you take reveals more of the ancient secrets and mysticism of the Earth’s most valuable gems, showing their amazing power to heal and change. These bright stones, full of the knowledge of ages, are ready to lead you to your highest goals and the core of who you really are.

In “For the Love of Crystals,” you can get lost in the beautiful dance of energy and purpose. See how the world and its many gifts fit together like a puzzle with these crystalline wonders. As you learn more, you’ll learn to accept the pulsing rhythm of the universe and make music with every shimmer and glow these gems have to offer. Let this guide be your map through the world of brilliance and resonance, where each crystal has its own song of change.

Transform your world, one crystal at a time. Let this book be the beacon that illuminates your path.

Secure your copy today and embark on an unparalleled adventure into the heart of crystal magic.

Prefer a hard copy? Click here

Reiki Level Two Training

Reiki Level two Training and Attunement

with kaya

reiki level two Training and Attunement

with kaya

Join me for two days of exploring, learning, and delving deep into the power and potency of Reiki Level 2 Magic!!

I am SO excited to invite you to join me for the next Practitioner Level, Reiki Level 2, Training, YAY!! I know there are some of you SO eager for this, and I’m delighted to confirm the date.

Join me for two days of exploring, learning, and delving deep into the power and potency of Reiki Level 2 Magic!!

This Course is a Practitioner Level Training and once completed you will be able to begin your professional career in Reiki Energy Healing and add it to your toolkit of awesomeness to facilitate the divine healing in others.

My Reiki Level 2 Training is a comprehensive course and you will leave with a deep understanding of Reiki at this level and a whole bunch of amazing symbols, tools, techniques and REIKI MAGIC to blow your mind…..

Course details





What the course covers

3 Traditional Usui Symbols

17 further symbols (20 symbols total, cross lineages)

Long distance Reiki

Powerful Meditations and Channel

Clearing techniques

Various methods of delivering Reiki energy

Practice and Receiving

A comprehensive Reiki Level 2 Manual

A Powerful and transformational

Reiki Level 2 Attunement

and Much much more!

What’s Included

A full vegetarian lunch is included and all your days refreshments, the food is always a highlight!!

On successful completion of the course and practice period, you will receive a Certificate in Reiki Level 2 System of Natural healing from Kaya Slater, reiki Grand Master which will allow you to apply for insurance and to professionally work as a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner.


You MUST Have completed Reiki level 1, if you haven’t trained in Reiki Level 1 with me reach out so we can chat.. You are still welcome!!

Numbers are strictly limited for this training so do get in soon as you can to assure a spot, will fill up quickly!!

Love and Light,
Kaya xx